Dear art friends,

I am glad that you have found my way to my print art website!

On this page I would like to introduce you to my exciting world of printing techniques: sponge rubber printing and plant, fruit and vegetable printing. In contrast to my other painting and drawing techniques, the printing technique is something very special, so I created this website.

The unexpected results impress me with the printing techniques mentioned. It is a very exciting activity, the artistic results of which depend above all on the texture of the artwork and the repetitions of the print.

You can take a look around the gallery. Please click on the small thumbnails. You will then be taken to a large image, in which you can zoom and learn more image details. You can have my pictures either as original with me or as wall art in my shop Artflakes acquire and get to know more of my works there. There is also the possibility to view my artworks lease. I hope you enjoy viewing!

Palm Leaves 
Autumn Leaves 
Brown Impression
Flower Meadow 
Foggy Forest 
Green Leaves


Palm Leaves
Fantasy Leaves



Citrons, Fruit Print
Ladybug in the Grass, print / ink






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