Studio Insights

On the left of this picture you can see my work apron. This is the role with which I apply the linoleum paints to the artwork. Next to it is the adhesive with which I attach the foam rubber to the cardboard substrates. Foam rubber cannot be glued with conventional adhesives, you need a special foam rubber glue. In the top middle you can see the linoleum paint jars. For starters, I just got a small set of linoleum paints. Below you can see the print template cat and below it the print templates sheets that have already been used. However, I plan to print with real leaves from nature as this gives even nicer textures. On the left you will see the foam rubber in A4 size. Not in the picture are the small plastic spoons with which I take the paint from the jars and the cutting knives / scalpels with which I cut the foam rubber templates.

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