Title: Toadstools in the Forest

Maybe you have been waiting for a long time to finally discover a toadstool again. Here are several - and guaranteed non-toxic!

Technique: It is a foam rubber roll print. The forest floor was dabbed on with a natural sponge.

Material: Stone paper, 90 lbs

Dimensions: 11.8" x 8.4"

Year of origin: 2020

How to zoom? Move the mouse over the print. Click by hand. A window is opening. Click twice on the print. Set the zoom factor in the top left of the zoom window and move it in the print.

Below you can see the in-room view and the ordering options.

Currently on exhibition and currently only about Artsy als Original (EUR 152,00 VAT included. plus Packaging and shipping costs

oder über Artflakes as wall art available.

Would you like this print in a larger format? You can see it in my print larger as Wall Art.

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Below you can see the in-room view.











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